Saturday, September 14, 2013

"So much easier when you don't have to hold a real ball" ~ Bowling 2013

That was Abbey's take on her and Elijah's first experience with bowling. They both thought they were pros, and they are....pros at the Wii bowling that is. Several nights this summer you can find all four of us will play bowling on the Wii. The kids do quite well, but, then again,  so do I. This isn't any indication of our actual bowling skill.  My first bowling score was something around an 11! Yup, not an exaggeration, a ten plus one.   So I tried to tell them that "real" bowling is a quite different story from Wii bowling.

We participated in the "Kids Bowl Free" program this summer. Each child could bowl 2 games free every day of the summer. It was a wonderful deal, but being the pool junkies that we all are, we only got around to bowling at the end of the summer. But, one cloudy day we got our good friends and their Mom and went bowling.

They each had unique bowling techniques.

Elijah took advantage of a little aim help

Sometimes he had a hard time waiting for his turn

I don't remember their scores, ( I believe the boys actually quit keeping the score), but it didn't matter. It was a new experience and they had a fun time with great friends.

Who cares if you can't press a button to line the ball up?  It was still a lot of fun!


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