Friday, October 4, 2013

Why the beach?

The past two years, our vacation has been spent at the beach. It's been a wonderful thing, but not exactly what I would have chosen. I'd have chosen to go somewhere where I can stay in an hotel, eat out every meal, have maid service, see things I've never seen, not have to deal with sand and underwater animals that I can't see and did I mention Maid Service??  But, we've chosen to go to the beach, and I'm ok with that.

I'm ok with that because every single person in my family loves the beach. It's a place that makes them all happy, and that makes me happy. My big kids and my little kids can play together.

We can fly a kite with ease.

We can have intimate conversations. Conversations that probably wouldn't happen in any other atmosphere.

Where else can a husband display his love for his pregnant wife by digging her a "belly hole" so she can lay on her tummy?

These three are definitely in their "happy place" at the beach!

Beach time allows us to indoctrinate the next generation.

I'm also more than ok with our vacation choice because,  I do love the beauty displayed at the beach! I love to go out into the night and see the stars, that I can't see at home, and the moon~ oh my! The moon reflected on the ocean is beyond beautiful.

The sun setting in the evening whispers to me that God is an artist like no other. The colors of the sunset are incredible!

Our friends allow us to rent their fantastic home, which is big enough for our whole family, and surrounded by natural beauty. As we were sitting on the deck one night, we had the joy to watch a baby and mommy deer feeding on the brush beside our walkway to the beach.

These natural wonders never cease to cause me to praise the creator of it all!

I would never be able to see those sights, or experience that type of family bonding at a Holiday Inn, so I'm very ok with going to the beach for our vacation!


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