Wednesday, October 30, 2013

To my darling newest grand daughter....

Little Miss Evelyn Claire, i.e. Evie Claire for short,

Oh, how I've waited to see your perfect little face, kiss those ultra smooth cheeks, have your slender fingers on the end of your dimpled hand grasp my finger, and give your Mommy and Daddy a hug welcoming them to the greatest journey ever...parenthood!

My chance finally came today! Your Aunt Anna and I listened to your Mom tell of her aches and knowingly told each other that you were going to be here quicker than your Nov. 11 due date. That's what she and I did, and we figured your Mom would follow suit; and we were right. You were coming early. Once the doctors figured out that you were actually busting out, you were born about 5 hours later.  Your Papa, Aunt Abbey, Uncle Elijah and I were hauling butt to get to NY to see you and your parents. It's a long way from the south, (which, by the way, is God's country), a good 9-10 hour drive. But, my dear, sweet little Evie, I'd hop on a rocket ship and fly to the moon to see you for the first time.

As we navigated the crowded, and I mean, crazy crowded streets of the BIG city, I watched the zillions of people rushing to and fro. I wondered what in the world they could be rushing to that is any more important than where I was going? If they understood how much Papa and I love you and wanted to see you, they would have cleared the roads and given us a police escort!

You are part of a big family, my dear, like it or not. There will be times when you will love it. Having 5 doting uncles and aunts will seem like heaven. Then as you get older and they start to tell you what to do and how to do it, it might not be as much fun. But, I can assure you that during the good, the bad and the ugly, we always come back to loving each other.

One thing you can count on is your Papa's and my love for you. We loved you before you were born and will continue as long as we have breath! The distance between your home and ours may make it more challenging, but we want to be a big part of your life. We just might have to get creative in how we do it. But, even if we're not in the same town, my sweet girl, you will always be in my heart. I will pray for you, asking God to keep you safe and healthy, help you grow in all ways, give your parents' wisdom and allow just enough hard times in your life to make you strong.

It is such a privilege to be your Mimi! I'll always be there for you.  You are a gift from God and I'm so very grateful for you,  Miss Evelyn Claire.

With love always,

The new family...

The star of the show...



  1. love love love this! hugs to everyone!!!

  2. Congratulations!! So very precious! Enjoy loving on her! What a beautiful family!

  3. She's beautiful! And your letter is too. What a precious gift (both baby and letter!)

  4. So excited and happy for all of you! She may just be the most perfect and beautiful newborn I've ever seen. And your letter to her made me tear up a bit...not just because the words are beautiful, but because I know just how much you mean them.