Monday, October 14, 2013

Abbey's 7th birthday

At exactly 7 am on Sept. 6th, I was startled awake to find two almond shaped eyes pressed so close to my face that our noses practically touched. The face very excitedly said, "I'm seven!" Knowing that she's not allowed to get up before 7, Lord only knows how long she had been waiting to be able to come to my room and wake me up.

My impulsive little one was one year closer to not being so little. I just had to grin back and say, "Yes, you are, but go back to bed so I can take you're first picture as a seven year old!"

Then I went to the kitchen and whipped up Miss Birthday Girl's breakfast request...pancakes with strawberries, syrup and whipped cream.

The combination made my teeth hurt to think about it, but my sweet tooth girl ate every bit of it.

Little brother was a great sport and happy to celebrate his sister's special day.

That night, she had a great surprise.

Big brother, Daniel, came home just to celebrate Abster's birthday.

Elijah was also ecstatic to see Daniel.

That night, Abbey got to pick where we had dinner. She chose McDonalds. Grandma was also in town for Beth's baby shower which was the next day.

We went home and had cookie cake, which Abbey wanted to decorate herself.

making sure she beat Daniel to the candle

Oh me, oh my, how this little girl fills our lives! She's come so very far. This year especially,  I've seen such amazing changes. She's become pretty obedient. Not perfect by any means, but oh, so much better. She's begun to express sadness and pain, instead of holding it all in. This year the story of her adoption has begun to sink in. She's begun to discuss more things about it with us. I'll never forget her ahh haa moment, when she exclaimed, "So I was born in someone's tummy?" Emotionally, I know that she's secure in her family's love and in her ability to return that love.  Although, she and Elijah occasionally drive me crazy with sibling spats.

She's incredibly competitive. Sometimes that's a good thing, and sometimes not so good. She loves to play games, and has quite an addictive personality for any of the video kind (much to my chagrin). Physically, she continues to be extremely athletic. In school, she's becoming more proficient at reading and understanding math concepts. She still makes friends easily with complete strangers, but has several "best friends" that she loves to play with.

Abbey is cultivating a relationship with God. She loves to go to AWANA and learn the verses. Of course, the jewels and badges are certainly part of her motivation. We are having more and more discussions about Jesus. She readily tells us that she believes Jesus is God and knows he died to forgive sin.

I'm so very thankful that the Lord whispered to our hearts that there was a little baby girl in China for us. I'm also so very glad that that little girl is our very own special Abigail Grace!!

Your Mommy (and Daddy) love you more than you'll ever know, Miss Abbey!!


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