Thursday, February 6, 2014

Finally…a snow day!

(To my wonderful friends and family that live above the Mason-Dixon line, I recognize that you feel less than gleeful about this winter storm…One person's joy is another person's grief.)

It's been about 3 years since we've had a decent snow. I love snow, at least the southern version of it. I love for the world to stop for one day, or maybe two. But, then I'm ready for it to be gone. That's reason number one thousand two hundred and three why I love living in NC! We get a couple of inches of snow, the world stops for a day and half, then it's gone and life resumes!

When kids Elijah's age are asked how they like the snow, they reply, "I don't know it never snows here!" Well, that changed last week. We got snow, only about an inch, but enough to qualify as a "snow" here in the south.

The first snow Elijah ever saw did not impress him. He screamed every time I put him down. This picture doesn't do justice to the way he hated the white stuff.

But this year, he loved it…

Three years ago, this little one was a snow bunny…

one of my favorite pics of Abbey…

Nothings changed, she still loves the snow.

With her snow angel

We'd been out for a few minutes when our good friends and neighbors came running over to join in the fun…

of course, every good friend likes show their love by pelting each other with snow balls

Sledding is much more fun in groups of threes!

The snow was very powdery, so their snow man was a bit on the wee side.

this one on the very wee side, his name was Olaf, by the way…(all you Frozen fans know where that came from)

Yes, indeed it was a fun day!


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