Saturday, February 1, 2014

They are so out of practice!

For many years our family has been known as a "swimming family". I remember one year when someone gave Daniel a small folding chair. His buddy Caleb said, "It's a soccer chair!" Daniel quickly corrected him and said, "No, it's a swimming chair!" It's just what they knew.  Our kids from Anna on grew up going to swim meets, watching big brothers and sisters swim. They learned to entertain themselves during the long year round meets, which could last as long as 5 hours. While I love swim meets, because it's the only place where I feel free to do absolutely nothing,  I recognize they can be tortuous affairs to some folks, especially children. It was something our older kids had to learn to cope with as a necessary evil.

Abbey and Elijah entered our family during the tail end of the year round meets. They only had a couple of years of Daniel swimming in year round meets before he went to college. College meets are much shorter…usually that is. This past weekend we went to see one of Daniel's college meets.

But, this one was a marathon meet. They honored the seniors and swam a long meet format. My two little ones were fit to be tied. We went to the bathroom so many times I was ready to take them to a urologist's office. We played games on Leap pads and I-phones 'til we had no more batteries. I answered the dreaded, "How much longer??" question, (asked in as super whiny voice), about a million times.

Big brother, John, gave Abbey pointers on a new I-phone game.

Elijah trying to take a nap.

Despite the unaccustomed boredom, Abbey and Elijah delighted in seeing Daniel each time he walked by.

They better get ready, though. We're heading to Maryland in March to attend the three day conference championship meet. Oh, boy! What fun that's going to be!


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