Friday, May 29, 2015

Bentonville Civil War Re-enactment April 19

To celebrate the 150 year anniversary of the end of the Civil War there was a big reenactment at the Bentonville Battleground.

It was a great look into life during this time. The kids were enthralled and learned many facts about the war.

The reenactors took their jobs very seriously.

Even the ladies

and their children

they actually spent 2 nights in these tents

this lady, I suppose, was the local "Molly Pitcher"

Before the battle they met in the middle of the field for  a "coin toss", as my comedic husband said.

General Sherman worked the crowd

The union soldiers dug tunnels to hide behind

Once the battle began, I spotted this "spy" lurking behind the confederate troops

Then the battle began. John and I both figured out really quickly that we wouldn't have wanted to carry the flag into battle. The flagbearer would fall and you could bet that whoever picked it up would be next to get hit.

Carrying the wounded

There was a lull in the battle and the confederates made a surprise attack from behind the union troops. The crowd applauded and roared their approval.

Someone had to play the part of a deserter.

General Johnston…

It was neat to watch them march and hear the fife and drum.

We toured the house which was used as a field hospital. I can't imagine what it would be like to have your house taken over and wounded soldiers brought in.

Afterwards, Abbey chose a parasol and Elijah wanted a rifle.

All that "soldiering" plumb tuckered out my boy!

But when we got home, he was refreshed and stood guard (on his own, not at our suggestion), by our door.

 The day was very insightful and a great glimpse into our past.


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