Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Easter 2015

A few days before Easter the kids and I went to a friends house for an Easter Egg hunt.
The night before we created these cute little bunny cars.

Abbey goes up high

Elijah goes down low.

The whole party gang.

Abbey won the special egg and got a gift card. Later that night I got an e mail from one of the moms. She just wanted to let me know that she was really glad that Abbey got the egg. She had watched as Abbey spotted an egg at the same time as one of her little boys. Abbey backed off and let the little boy get it. She also told me that one of her sons said that Elijah gave him one of his eggs, because her boy was having a difficult time finding eggs. What a proud mama I was!

We decided to spend Easter at the beach this year. The weather was gorgeous…chilly but gorgeous. On Saturday, Daniel came and surfed. The kids and I got a kick out of watching him.

 We saw a few falls


Success! Which he celebrated with a flip at the end.

We walked on the beach and enjoyed the sunset.

The pool was quite chilly, but that didn't stop my two.

I'm not sure what is going on in this picture. It looks like Elijah is really relaxed or either upset about something.

Abbey and Elijah met Colton. Colton and his family have moved into the house across the street from us. He and Elijah have become fast friends. He can often be heard exclaiming, "Elijah is my 'BFF'!" Colton is a trip! He can be found up by 7am talking to Abbey and Elijah through the window of our house, while John and I are still asleep. It's neat for them to have friends at our home away from home.

We also got together with another set of friends that weekend. Jody and her girls came over to swim in the pool and have an Easter egg hunt.

We walked to the park down the street and they played for a while. Then Abbey went and spent the night with Lily. We took Elijah to enjoy a slushie, from Sunset Slushie, which is down from our house.

My hubby enjoying his "happy place"

It was a full vacation. Full of fun, food and friends!


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