Thursday, May 7, 2015

Madame President??

Last night as I was putting Abbey in bed, she seriously said, "I think I'm ready to drive a car now." My first thought was, "I know I am not and society is not in any way ready for you to drive a car."

I have no idea where this statement originated. I guess she figures if one can successfully drive a car using a little remote control like thingy over highways and racetracks on a television, then one is fully ready to take on a real car??

Anyway, I told her that it was against the law, that in our state one had to be 15 years old to drive a car.  Not to be deterred, she then said, "Well, one day I'm going to be the President and then I'll make a law saying that 8 year olds can drive."

I know full well, that the way the law reads right now, Abbey could never be President of the US, because she was born in China. But, I did not see the need in telling her that. Who knows? Laws change all the time. Though not very likely, one day she could be addressed as "Madame President"! If so, I'm warning you, you better watch out for 8 year old drivers!

Me and my "the sky's the limit" girl!


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