Thursday, March 9, 2017

If only we had been in Florida

As a gift for my work with swim team, I had been given a gift card to Outback Steakhouse. Daniel was home for Christmas and had agreed to watch the younger kids so John and I could go to dinner.

After dinner, John gave me my Christmas gift...

It was wonderful and I loved it, but the significance and the way he did it made it all the more special. You see he gave me my original ring, (which I had lost), while we were eating at a steak house in Florida before we went to the Gator Bowl, in December, 1982. I had ordered lobster, which I couldn't not eat afterward because I was so excited.

After a lobster dinner at Outback, John said, "Thirty four years ago, I sat across the table from you and asked you a question." Then he pulled out the gorgeous ring, got down on one knee  and said, "Well, babe, will you stay married to me?"

Enter the tears! That was the exact way he asked me to marry him all those years ago. It was so incredibly sweet! Of course I said, "Yes!" He said that he had learned one lesson resulting in one change...he waited until I had eaten the lobster!  Boy, oh boy! I love that guy!


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