Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Pre-Christmas 2016

This Christmas, we followed years past and got our Christmas tree from the only lot I know of with playground equipment. This is a highlight for the kids, they talk about it every year. This year Elijah asked could we go before dinner, so he wouldn't feel sick after the ride on the "spinning thingy".

We had some fun extras leading up to Christmas.

The Nutcracker Ballet

Babysitting Layne and Waverly and making cookies.

Layne was in the Christmas parade with her dance group.

 We had the honor of serving the folks at a local nursing home for a Christmas party. Complete with the kids singing carols.

We even snuck in a visit to Beth, Greg and Evie along with Nana and Grandaddy.

Whew! So much fun, so little time...

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