Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Bulls Baseball Game

Having lived 20 minutes from a minor league baseball team for the past twenty-some years, it is somewhat unusual to never have been to a game. But, being that baseball isn't anywhere near my favorite sport, I'd never been to a game.

A couple of weeks before the wedding, our life insurance company sponsored a night at the Bulls stadium. They provided free food and tickets to the baseball game. John and I thought it would be a good family outing. But it turns out that there was way too much fun to be had, which, to me, would have been wasted if I'd watched the baseball game.

The main thing I had to do was to keep up with these two:

One of the few moments they were still

He came for the free food.
They also liked the food.

Not quite sure what he's thinking?

I also had to keep up with the fashion and get my face painted.

It was about a million degrees outside that night. It wasn't long before my paint colors began to all run together.

But my little girl didn't care, she was so excited that I had my face painted like hers.
Elijah's "practiced" smile

The extreme heat  didn't bother the kids at all. Pretty soon, John and I figured we'd had about all the "fun" that we could stand. We headed home.

And, about the baseball game... , I think I can still say I've never seen one of their games.

But, everyone had a great time!


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  1. We picked the 2 hottest nights to go to see the Bulls back in June! The heat wasn't good but my bil manages the Columbus Clippers and since they're in the Bulls' league that's the only time we get to see them (and him over the summer). Glad the kids had fun, though! And I'm with Daniel on the free food thing! Always a draw for me! hahahaha