Friday, July 1, 2011

After Wedding Field Trip-The Zoo

After an event like a wedding, one where you anticipate and work towards for quite a while, there is a bit of a letdown, (along with relief). John had the Monday after the wedding off, so we decided that our younger two needed a little bit of extra attention, besides the fact that our two littlest ones have never been to the NC Zoo.

So, off we trekked to the zoo, which is only about 1.5 hours from our home.  We immediately hit snags. John had to go to the post office to mail Beth a belated birthday present. We needed her to get it before she left on her honeymoon. He thought the post office would be open at 9, but, they didn't open until 9:30. That put us 30 minutes behind.

Next we had to drop off the suits the guys rented. We get to the place around 10:15. They don't open until 11! That put us 45 minutes behind.

Then we had to take John's mom home, we had planned on that, but it just added to the time.

We finally got to the zoo about 2. By this time, Abbey was in desperate need of a nap. She hung in there, but most of our visit she was in "I'm not stopping, because if I do, I'll fall asleep" mode.

Therefore, she wasn't too much into the animals. She was into....

 climbing rocks

playing in the misting maching 

playing in the diplay helicopter

climbing into eggs
climbing onto statues

At the very least, John had the opportunity to spend some quality time with the kids.

as you've seen, Abbey didn't stay here long
they love their Daddy
Elijah did much better. He actually was interested in the animals.

Where's Elijah? Safe in Daddy's arms. When this cougar came walking toward us, Elijah took off running, screaming toward the safety of Daddy's arms.

Until we hit the polar bears, sea lions and seals. I'm not sure why, but both of our kids were mesmerized. They didn't want to leave.

But, we did finally leave. We were able to catch a ride with one of the workers who saved us lots of steps by letting us ride in her golf cart.

Both kids sacked out before we were even on the highway. They'd had a lot of activity and schedule changes over the past week and they were exhausted. But, they do recall their trip to the zoo with pleasure. Even though we rushed through it.


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