Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Big Party (The Reception)

I told Beth the day before the wedding that I was going to "boogie-oogie-oogie" at the reception. After seeing her give me a look that at best, said, "Suure you are, Mom." I had a point to prove. I have always loved to dance. Before we were married, John and I went to a lot of places where we could dance. (A nice way to say," bars"), and we did quite a bit of dancing. Once the kids came, we pretty much hung up our dancing shoes. But, I was bound and determined that we were going to dust those puppies off and put them on again!

And we did!

When we got to the reception we, the parents, and the Bridal party was introduced.

Elijah, Anna and Abbey waiting to be introduced

My beautiful Anna, this time with fellow Bridesmaid, Annie

Meghan and John
sister of the groom and brother of the bride

Then their first dance as husband and wife, to Cat Power's "Sea of Love"

We then chowed down on some Eastern NC barbecue, macaroni and cheese, baked chicken, hush puppies and slaw.

All of a sudden the wind started blowing ominously. We looked up and there was a big black cloud approaching. We had about 120 or so folks, and the house would only accommodate about 100. We were all very concerned about the weather. Several tables weren't covered by the tent. So, Beth and Greg rushed to cut the cake.

It was a beautiful cake. Beth had picked out some pictures and I'd given the vision to the lady who did the cake. She did a wonderful job. I'd highly recommend her.

(Funny story--when we pulled up to the reception from the church, she was just leaving after having dropped off the cake. John had to deliver some stuff into the reception, and I had Abbey and Elijah in the car. It was very humid and hot, so they had gotten out for some fresh air. Just then Beth pulls up and gets out, needing her dress bustled. Mindy, aka the cake lady, watched A and E for me while I bustled Beth's dress. It's not often you get a wedding cake maker and a babysitter all in one!)

Back to the reception recount. The weather was turning pretty frightful. The tent was creaking and swaying with the stiff breeze. Beth came up to John and said, "Daddy please pray for the storm to go away!" John and I went and bowed our heads and fervently asked the Lord to stop the storm.

Meanwhile, we went on with the festivities. Greg's Dad gave a very nice toast.

and Anna gave a heart-tugging toast. It was so sweet. I just bawled...again.

Then John danced with Beth. They had some sweet moments that he says will always stay with him, as they danced to The Beach Boys, "God only Knows".

Proud Daddy

Greg then danced with his Mom to "Stand by Me"

After the toasts and dances. Greg's Dad came up to us and said, "I believe the storm is going to blow over!" The wind had died down it just sprinkled a little bit and no more thunder!  That night when we got home, John watched the weather on the 11 o'clock news. The radar showed this line of thunderstorms. As soon as they got to Raleigh, "poof" they dissipated! Coincidence?? I know not!

Then the "boogie-oogie-oogie" began in earnest. (A wonderful friend came,  picked Abbey and Elijah up and took them home to a babysitter). I had a blast!

John didn't quite know how to take his normally very staid Mom, boogeying the night away!

Beth danced with my Dad

At 10:00 the bride and groom made their way through a line of sparklers.

After they left, John was standing with Beth's college friends, who were also bridesmaids. He started singing, "Hark the Sound", which is UNC's fight song. I, along with all of the girls, joined in and ended with, "Ra, ra, Carolina, lina ra ra, ra !" Such a fitting end!

The Carolina Bridesmaids

Such a wonderful time! Beth now says it was the "best day of her life"! That makes it all worth it!


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