Wednesday, June 22, 2011

After the Bridal Tea, we had about an hour and half to get ready for the rehearsal. All during the planning of the wedding, Beth was wary of how Elijah would perform as the ring bearer. I knew the success of this would require him getting a nap. Thankfully, John took Elijah and Abbey to the pool and tired them out. They both took a great nap. I had to wake them up to get ready.

 Elijah, Anna and Abbey right before we left for the rehearsal

Working on getting the pillow just right

Flower girl and ring bearer extraordinaire!

The Bride and her Daddy

All lined up
Notice Elijah. He wasted no time getting the bridesmaids to hold him.

Abbey and Elijah did great. We practiced many times, the only thing we didn't do was to practice with the flower petals. (Remember this detail during the next post). The kids didn't seem to have any problem and the fact that I promised to have little briberies, um... I mean Skittles, cemented their proper behavior.

After the rehearsal Greg's family hosted a fantastic dinner at Cafe Luna. His Mom had been talking to me over e mail and Facebook for quite some time. She had really worked hard to have everything just perfect. And it was, even though she spent the afternoon at the hospital with her husband.

Me and John with the pastor and his wife

Anna, my Dad, my Mom, John's mom, Daniel and Jamie

The Bride and Groom's table

Three generations of H*** men

Greg and his Mom with the groom's cake

The food was delicious, the company entertaining. It was a wonderful evening. Off to home we went, anticipating a wedding day jam packed from early morning into the  late evening.

Thanks to Tim for letting me use some of his pictures.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed the rehearsal dinner. I wanted everything to be just perfect for Beth and Greg!

    I am loving every word of your blog...Thanks so much for taking the time to chronicle a very special weekend!