Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wedding morning

I knew that the wedding day would move quickly, but I wasn't prepared for just how fast it would fly by.

The day started a little stressfully (big surprise, huh?). My Mom and Dad were planning on keeping Abbey and Elijah so that John and I could help decorate  Haywood Hall (reception venue). Because of issues with the care of my grandmother, Mom and Dad were going to be about 1 1/2 hours late getting to my house. I began calling friends at 8 am.  The 2nd one I called, Paula, graciously agreed to come and watch the kids. She even insisted on folding the load of laundry that I had started when she got there. What a blessing good friends are!! But, Abbey was quick to tell her, "When my Nana and Grandaddy get here, you have to leave." Not much tact, that little one. So, crisis number one taken care of.

On to crisis number two. Remember that I had dealt with strep throat the week before. Well, John's throat felt tight, but didn't hurt. He went on Wed. before the wedding, and tested negative. On our way to the rehearsal dinner, the nurse called and said that the culture had come back positive. He also had strep! Beth's throat was already hurting her, but her throat always hurts when she's under stress. While we were setting up, John told her about his strep. She went ballistic! She begged him to give her some of his antibiotic, so as not to get any sicker before the wedding. We knew that she might indeed have strep, but that she also was stressed to the max. We also knew that if we gave her any antibiotics, she could have a false negative test. So off to a nearby drugstore went John. He examined the pain relievers to find one that wasn't labelled. He found a generic Tylenol and gave that to Beth. Second crisis solved! (don't worry, we came clean with Beth the next day and she laughed it off. She did go to the Dr. on Monday and started anitbiotics)

Decorating for the reception was a mammoth undertaking, but we had many hands, so the work didn't take that long.

 Even the Pastor, Mike, did his share.

The Bride in action

Jordan,(the wedding coordinator and really good friend), Annie, a bridesmaid, and Sara, the matron of honor folding napkins

Laura, a bridesmaid and Anna, maid of honor, fixed the table assignment cards

Each of the tables were named for a band.

This one was the "Queen" table

Guests would see this sign

and find their names along with their table assignments
My Morning Jacket is one of Beth and Greg's favorite bands
(We sat at the Beatles table, of course!)

My job was flowers. I made the centerpieces for the table, along with the bridesmaid's bouquets.

When it was done, it looked like this

and this..

and this...

I thought it was so cool that the hydrangeas were still blooming, since we used hydrangeas for the centerpieces.

My Dad made a sign and easel to post the menu

That morning seems like a blur. I must take a moment here to praise my daughter's friends. They are so wonderful. They were always willing to help in any way we needed. From the Bridal tea, to decorating, they were fantastic. Sara, Laura and Katie will always have a special place in my heart. I could tell that they really love Beth and also wanted to do anything they could to make her wedding beautiful! I'm so grateful for those "Carolina Girls"!

My next post will finally tell of the "main event"!



  1. You, Beth and everyone who helped with decorating did an incredible job. Pictures will never be able to convey how amazing everything looked. It was magical! It couldn't have been a better reception and I knew we were truly blessed when the bad weather bypassed us. I wish I had gotten there sooner. I had no idea how much work was involved in getting everything ready. Thank you so much for making this milestone day for Greg and Beth so wonderful!

  2. P.S. Pastor Mike and his wife, Pam, were lovely. I really enjoyed talking with them. He did a fantastic job with the wedding service!

  3. YAY!!! I have loved getting a recap of the wedding on your blog:) I had SUCH a fun time and really enjoyed getting to spend time with you and John and the rest of the Dozier clan:)