Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wedding countdown pt. 2

What will make two families able to spend an evening together, finding the conversations flowing freely, laughing freely, and genuinely enjoying being together?

It seems to come easily when those two families are being joined by the marriage of their children/grandchildren/siblings!

John and I invited Greg's parents, grandparents and sister over to our house for a cook out the Thursday before the wedding. I must say I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I had talked with Greg's mom, Kelly on Facebook and e mail, but never in person.

From my and John's perspective, it couldn't have gone any better. We really enjoyed connecting with our son-in-law's family. We spent several hours together and never had to struggle with uncomfortable silences. And, surprisingly, Greg and Beth weren't even there.

Being from the North, the humidity was a bit much for them, so we moved the party inside. (I'm not quite sure why I didn't invite them all into the more comfortable den, but I was oblivious, so we stayed in the kitchen)

From L to R:
Gregs' stepdad, Tim, John, Sr., Greg's Grandmother, Greg's Stepmom, and Grandfather

On the other side of the table was Greg's other Grandad, his sister, Meghan and his Dad.

Gregs' Mom

When they first got there Abbey came running and asked me if she could open a present. I asked, "What present?". She said, "The one that girl brought for me." She was talking about Greg's mom, Kelly. (I don't think she minded at all being called a girl). Kelly brought Abbey and Elijah coloring books and crayons. Abbey loved it. That night she slept in my bedroom and we had to put the coloring book and crayons at the foot of her bed, so she could have them the first thing in the morning.

The girl loved her present!

Our first meeting of our daughter's in-laws was very nice. It is amazing how God knits folks together, based on the shared love of our children!


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  1. We had a wonderful time getting to know you and your lovely family! I absolutely didn't mind Abbey calling me "that girl"! Too cute! And Elijah! What a sweetie. We had a nice conversation at the wedding. He came up to me and said "Where's my mom?" Then he grabbed onto my hand. We had a nice little chat about his brothers and sisters and he included Greg in the list! My heart melted.

    I am so glad our families have been united!