Saturday, June 25, 2011

We officially gain a son! (The Wedding, June 11, 2011)

The time had come, and of course, we were late!  Not late for the wedding per se, but later than we were scheduled to be. After decorating, I rushed home, put the kids in bed for nap and got dressed. I then rushed to the hotel to have Anna do my hair and to be with Beth as she got dressed. I don't think we had planned for the fact that high schools in our area were having graduation exercises all day on the 11th. Parking was a nightmare. I rode around downtown a couple of times before I could find a place to park. Beth was also late getting dressed. The wedding was at 4, and I was rushing home at 3:15 to pick up John, the kids, my parents and John's mom. My house is about 15-20 minutes away from the church, we certainly were cutting it close.  They hadn't been able to find but one of Elijah's socks, so I found another pair and changed his socks in the foyer of the church. We finally made it to the "ready room" at the church, with not much time to spare, but we were there!

As I sat in the room with all of the bridal party and Greg's family, I began to contemplate about how surreal it all was. While I've always thought of myself as a mom, but a mother-in-law was another story. I sat there and looked at everyone, from my kids to Greg's sister and mom, I thought about how we were strangers a few days previous, but in the next few minutes our lives would be forever entwined. I so desire for my grandchildren to be able to enjoy both sets of grandparents without any petty jealousy or conflicts. I vowed then and there to love Greg's family, as I love my own family. John and I already really enjoyed his folks, so I don't think it will be a hard thing to do. (I'm being real here, not just saying it because I know his Mom reads my blog!)

 Greg's Stepdad and Mom

Maternal grandmother with Mom

Greg with his Dad and Mom

Sitting there, I began to pray for Beth, Greg and their marriage. Of course, I had to cut my prayers short because I had to find a bathroom,(typical me)!

Before I knew it, it was time to go to the front of the church. I watched my Mom and Dad and John's Mom being escorted by these two handsome guys:

Looking cool, calm and collected

"Let's get this show on the road!"

Me the ring bearer

Then it was my turn. John, Jr. offered me his arm. When we got to my seat, he leaned over and gave me a impromptu kiss on the cheek. Be still my heart!!

Greg's Dad was his best man

Looking about as comfortable as a groom can

The Groomsmen

The Bridesmaids

Then came Abbey throwing down the petals

I don't have a picture of it, but Elijah brought the comic relief. As Abbey so solemnly threw down the petals, Elijah ran right behind her and picked every one of them up! There was a slight rumbled of laughter throughout the congregation. It really was quite cute, and so fitting of their personalities!

Here he's presenting me with the petals he's "cleaned" up.
He actually left a few, never worry, he picked those up on his way out!

Then the moment... accompanied by "Canon in D"... my gorgeous, eldest baby walked down the aisle with my ever so handsome husband. My baby about to become someone's wife. I had a lump in my throat the size of Texas.

and then he "gave" her away to her about to be husband

saying their vows

lighting the unity candle

beginning their marriage in prayer
(a wonderful way to begin a life together)

By this point, my tears were getting harder and harder to hold back. On our way down the aisle, John and I both bawled. In the foyer of the church, we clutched each other and cried, not sad, but happy, bittersweet tears.

Then it was time for the pictures:

The wedding party
(Minus Abbey and Elijah)

With Greg's Dad and Stepmom

Our family

Next it was time to paarty! And party we did!

(Again, thanks to Tim for letting me use his great photographic skills!)



  1. I have a lump the size of Texas in my throat just reading this! I know I speak for everyone on "our side" when I say that we couldn't be happier that our two families are now joined together. Greg and Beth will have a wonderful support system as they embark on their own marriage journey.

    It means so much that you love Greg as your own. I feel the same way about Beth and I promise to take care of her as I would my own (but only when she wants it! I don't want to be an interfering MIL!).

    That being said, I guess we are now "partners in crime".... ;-)

  2. P.S. Tim was very touched that you used so many of his pics in your blog!