Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Bridal Tea- wedding memories pt 3

The day before the wedding was slated to be a very busy one. We started out with a Bridal Tea at our house. My mom and I were the hostesses at this event. We invited the female bridal party and other female family members from both the groom's and bride's side.

The Bride getting beautified

Miss Abigail Grace Fuxin attending her first tea, complete with purse.
She later abandoned us in favor of the pool with Dad and Elijah.

 Laura, a bridesmaid, helping out

I put both Grandmas to work
John's Mom

and my Mom
(with a little help from Elijah)

Matron of Honor, Sara, along with Laura were our Mistresses of Ceremonies. They had several games for us to play, complete with prizes.(Chocolate!). They had contacted Greg to get his imput into one of the games.

A final photo of everyone
One key person was missing, Greg's Mom. Her husband injured his back that morning and they had to go to the emergency room. In the end, the doctor just gave him some medicine and he was able to function. I'm sure it was a very tense few hours for Kelly and Tim. We certainly missed her at the tea.

After the Tea, we all had to put it in fast gear in order to get to the rehearsal and the following dinner, details coming up next!

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