Sunday, July 22, 2012

A New York pasttime

"Wanna play one of my favorite games?" Beth asked me while we waited for the subway to get to our station, during my recent visit.

"Sure!" I said, after all, I love games. I was totally unprepared for what her little game would entail.

"Spot the Rat." She declared and then watched to gleefully take in my reaction to her disgusting pastime.

 "Huh?? What do you mean?" She then explained that she had made up a little game and had played with her visiting friends. They would look along the subway tracks and try to find a rat. Hmmmm, ok, I began to look for a little mouse, thinking that I'd never be able to see one among the darkness of the track.

No joking, in less that 5 seconds Beth gleefully exclaimed, "There, look eating that apple."

Oh, my goodness! There was indeed a rat. Not a cute little mousey, mouse. I'm talking a big hunk-a, hunk-a rat! I looked around, and was amazed to discover that no one else was the least little bit fazed by the mutant Mickey trying to consume a bright green apple. He then gave up and began to run away.

I'm sure the crazy southern lady snapping a picture of a subway mascot probably piqued more interest than the big rodent did. But, in typical New York style, no one gave me a second glance.

Well, I always have said that my children teach me new lessons, and that day was no exception!

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