Wednesday, July 11, 2012

He's getting the memo!

Several times during the past few weeks folks, who know our family around the pool, come up to me while looking at Elijah and say, "So, does he love to swim, too?" With a heavy sigh I say, "Nope he hasn't gotten the memo yet." Until the past two weeks, Elijah was happy to only get in the water up to his knees. The thought of jumping into the water by himself would send him into tears. So we waited. We waited for him to get the memo that the pool and swimming are fun.

Suddenly one day his fear vanished and he decided that he could conquer this water monster.

So in

he went

and began

to swim

to his very proud Daddy!

You can't see it in the pictures, but Abbey was on the side cheering for her little bro.

Before we know it he will be looking like this water bug.

If there is water around, there will be a smile on this face!

I'm so proud of Elijah for getting the memo, and so happy to finally escape the "baby pool jail"!


  1. Good for Elijah! Nadia must have gotten that memo at birth. This child loves the water...however, I wish someone would give her the "It's yucky to eat sand" memo!!!

  2. yay for Elijah ~ I knew it wouldn't be long before someone in the family slipped him the memo.
    And congrats on graduating from the baby pool!