Friday, July 27, 2012

Backtracking...The fourth of July

This year we had a little glitch regarding our usual plans for the fourth. Our summer league team had a swim meet on the 3rd. Because I'm the coordinator of our team,  I had no option. I had to be at the meets. John and Daniel were coaches and Abbey was on the team. So, our usual 3rd outing with friends to a fireworks display was out of the question.

The morning of the 4th, we went to the kiddie carnival at our pool. 

They played the games

But make no mistake, the highlight was the candy they got as prizes!

For lunch we ate at the pool. Then enjoyed the annual pool games; diving for airheads (more candy, thus more happy D kids), big splash, belly flop and greasy watermelon race (won by our own Daniel).
It always is such a fun day!

We topped it off with frozen yogurt and a trip to the new fireworks venue downtown. We coaxed our friends, the M family to join us. Daniel even took time from his social engagements to spend time with us!

Kylie, Abbey and Darcy

We watched several street performances:

fire juggling

That part of the night was great! But the reason we went downtown was a supreme disappointment!

The fireworks were so low in the sky, we couldn't see them. The ones we could see were partially blocked by the buildings.

Elijah, like all of us, isn't impressed by the no-show fireworks.

We still had a wonderful day. Spending time together, eating and laughing, yes it was a great fourth, even minus our usual fireworks display!


  1. We weren't impressed with the downtown fireworks either. We enjoyed them at the Fairgrounds so much last year. Hopefully they'll improve them for next year. friend Lisa gets to see you more than I do these days!

  2. Thanks for letting us tag along for your "firework flop." At least the company was good. :)