Monday, July 2, 2012

Puppy Love

I've been missing Beth and Greg's doggie, Bella. When they went on their honeymoon last year, she and I bonded. She would follow me everywhere I went. I'd sit in the chair and she'd jump in my lap and let me hold her like a baby. With the move to New York and no car, Beth and Greg haven't been able to bring Bella to our house. I'm grateful that Bella's other grandmother gets to love on her when Beth and Greg are here, but I've missed her and  thought Bella would have surely forgotten about me. I had not seen her in almost a year. She doesn't really take kindly to strangers. She's not a dog who immediately likes people, so I expected her to be standoffish at the very least whenever I got to see her again.

I got to visit New York a few weeks ago and Bella once again proved she isn't your average canine! I called when I arrived, and not knowing which building was Beth's, I waited on the corner. Beth came out of the door and Bella immediately made a bee-line for me, jumping up on me and wagging her tail so hard her body was bent in two. She definitely remembered me!!

We had lots of cuddleds...

And kisses!

Bella really is a special dog. She has a health condition and we really don't know how long she can live with it. So every day with her is a blessing.

I also enjoyed seeing the humans, and I'll post about my visit with them next.


  1. I do believe that a "granddog" holds a special place in their hearts for those they really love. Maya still recognizes my mom well and will sit at her feet for the longest time when she visits.
    Glad you got the chance to love on Bella!

  2. So glad you got to visit NY! Bella looks sweet. Our sweet pup turned 7yesterday and we love him like he was part of the family. Looking forward to hearing about the humans too!

  3. I am so glad you got to see Bella! Beth told me yesterday about your joyful sweet! She is such a special dog and I am so happy that Beth gave us all the opportunity to love her! Hope you had a great 4th with your family!