Sunday, August 19, 2012

Elijah and Abbey's first game of "pow-pow"

Putt-Putt or Miniature Golf, as it is normally called. It just took Elijah a while to get the real name. He called it "pow-pow", so the name stuck!

While at the beach, John had the idea to go out and play putt-putt. I'm not a big fan of playing putt-putt, (insert--I'm horrible at it), so I went along as the self designated score keeper. I really enjoyed myself, as did everyone.

It was Abbey and Elijah's first adventure with hitting a small ball into crazily placed little holes. They had a blast. They each had a hole in one at some point in the evening, which is amazing, especially for Elijah. The first few times he swung, he missed the ball completely.

Maybe it was big sister, Beth's, tutelage that did it??

Eventually, he had reason to celebrate.

As Abbey did after her hole in one.

The big sisters got a chance to chat and get caught up with each other's lives.

Can you tell they're related? Look how they are both standing.

And big brother just was his crazy self.

Afterwards...Ice Cream!!

In our family, no beach trip is complete without a putt-putt/ice cream outing!

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