Saturday, August 11, 2012

It won't last long

Elijah is at a stage right now that I wish would last a long time. But, I know from previous experience, it doesn't last forever. This stage is the "Mom's the Best", stage.

 He expressed this ever so emphatically the other day. John was teasing me and Elijah forcefully chimed in with both barrels---

"You better leave my Mommy alone, she's the Queen of God!!

Now for any of my friends or family who may worry that I'm about to deem myself worthy of worship, never you fear. I'm very well aware that before long, Elijah will definitely realize the inaccuracy of his statement.  In fact I think that my halo is already starting to tarnish a little. Yesterday, my former little admirer told his "Queen of God" that she needed a nap. (A fact that was probably very true). When I asked him why he said I needed some sleep, he replied, "Because you're being very whiny!"

So my days of being the object of complete adoration by my little boy are numbered,(insert heavy sigh). I suppose that is how it's supposed to be. But, it is quite amusing while it lasts!


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  2. "Queen of God" ~ oh that kid makes me laugh. :)