Wednesday, September 5, 2012

One more beach post

Beach babies to the core!

 Several nights we would walk to the end of the island.

One night as we returned, Daniel was carrying Elijah on his shoulders and ran ahead of the rest of us, in order to not miss any of the Olympics.

As we got closer, we heard a blood curdling scream! Daniel, who is horrifically afraid of snakes, had stumbled upon one of those slitherly creatures under the house where we were staying. He then made the comment,"I about peed in my pants!"

Elijah, who has been corrected for using, "potty talk", a lot lately, thought it was grand fun to talk about his brother "peeing in his pants", and not get chastised about it! Beth took a video which was hilarious.

At the point of the island there is a mailbox. I looked inside and there was a notebook and pen. People had written everything from confessions of love to weird poetry. I have no idea who put the box there or why? I'm sure there's a story/legend there somewhere...

Ahh, the memories that were made that short, short week will live with us for a long time!



  1. Just catching up on some blog reading. Not time for any posting but I got a chance to look at your blog. LOVE all the beach pictures. It does my heart so good to look at those pictures and know that we were a teeny part of the blessing. Many years ago, when we built the beach house we never could have imagined the life that God had ahead of us. Since building the house God has grown our family and special friends more than we could have planned for our selves. Only He could have orchestrated all this. I am so blessed to have you as one of those special friends that He has brought into my life. Looking at your family pictures fills my heart.

  2. Beach weeks are always simply too short!
    Glad that you had that blessed time with each of your kids...