Saturday, October 13, 2012

Abbey's Turn

Two weeks ago it was Abbey's turn to accompany John to a UNC game. They went to see the Heels play Idaho.

She had heard great things about football outings from Elijah, who, by the way, cried when they left, because he wanted to go! So, she was so excited. She woke up extremely early, ready to go!

The weather didn't cooperate very well. It poured rain all day long. John was amazed at how well Abbey did. She made it all the way to the last 11 minutes and then asked if they could go home. John said she loved playing in the puddles and walking in the rain.

So despite the soggy surroundings, Abbey had a wonderful time cheering for the Heels and spending one on one time with her Daddy!

As I said in my post about Elijah going to the game, we unashamedly indoctrinate our little ones to be Tarheels. When we were visiting my parent's church a few weeks ago, during the children's sermon the pastor talked about cheering for teams. Someone mentioned NC State Wolfpack. Even though he didn't know the pastor, or anyone of the kids except for Abbey, Elijah loudly blurted out, "We don't pull for NC State!"  Sooo, I guess we can check that one off of our list. He's successfully indoctrinated!

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