Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Abbey's 6th birthday party~Sept. 8

After months of discussions regarding her choice of birthday party theme, Abbey finally landed on a Backyardigans Party. The Backyaridgans are the obsession of late. So we planned everything around those five cute little creatures.

We invited 16 kids and all but two were able to come. The weather cooperated and we were able to have most of the party outside.

We painted with Backyardigan shaped sponges.

My ever shy husband, (not!), oversaw the bean bag toss. Each child got a Backyardigan bean bag.

Lily C. with her Uniqua bean bag
In addition to a dance contest, we played pin the glasses on Uniqua. We had a pinata that refused to break.

I was worried it would break too early. I reinforced it too much and the Dads had to help it open.

The candy frenzy

The cupcakes I made had Backyardigans rings on them.

Then presents...

Nana and Grandaddy held down the fort inside.

Abbey so enjoyed having her friends over to her house.

With good friend-Lily B.

The best part for me was having my little girl come to me when it was over, throwing her arms around my neck and thanking me for giving her such a wonderful party!

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