Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Butterfly Girl

A couple of Sundays ago, John suggested that we take the kids to the new State Museum of Natural Sciences. After church, we went downtown and set off to explore the museum. There was quite a lot to see. The museum has added lots of neat hands-on things for kids to see and do.

Outside the museum

The highlight happened in the butterfly habitat room~

Abbey attracted a beautiful butterfly

That's the stillest I think I've ever seen Abbey be and not be asleep. Eventually the butterfly began to become entwined in her hair and on of the guides had to get it out. Abbey was so excited about her close encounter with a butterfly!

We also saw some other neat stuff.

While I loved the museum and the wonderful family time we had there, as did the kids, I think our highlight was the delicious treat we had afterwards!

Can't go anywhere near here without stopping!

As I said we had some great family time and maybe we all learned a little something in the process and that makes for a great day!

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  1. Pretty butterfly Abbey! Was it a blue morpho?
    Hands on learning topped off with a hot donut. Family days don't get much better...