Friday, October 26, 2012

Nana's B-Day~love a fair!

My Mom has always made it not a secret that she loves to go the the fair. She hasn't been in years. This year, I decided to treat her and my Dad to a day at the fair for a birthday present.

The birthday girl ready to see the fair.

The weather was gorgeous, the crowds light. It was a perfect day. We got to see lots of exhibits, animals and entertainment.

Mom enjoyed the square dancers and cloggers show

With Hubba Bubba , after his show.

Of course there were lots of rides to enjoy...

They wouldn't let him go by himself.
Grandaddy is giving instruction on how to drive that monster truck.

She even did a flip!
Neither of the kids had any fear of the rides. In fact, a recurring problem was Elijah couldn't ride half of what he wanted because of his height. Even brochures wouldn't have helped(~inside family joke).

It really was a wonderful day. We all had a great time and most importantly, my Mom enjoyed her special day, doing something she doesn't get to do very often!

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