Sunday, November 25, 2012

"Chicken Day Eve"

As we started filling in our November calendar for school, I told Abbey that there was a holiday in this month. She guessed Christmas and Valentines Day. then I showed her the calendar marker with the picture of a turkey on it. She immediately blurted out, "It's Chicken Day?". So that's been mine and John's pet name for Thanksgiving...Chicken Day.

All four of us, who keep the home fires burning, have been anxiously awaiting the arrival home of the rest of our family. Finally the day arrived. Abbey and Elijah showed the excitement that we all felt.

John had to go to Wilmington to get Daniel, so the kids were allowed to stay up to see him.

It was hard to get them to settle down, especially since they knew that Beth and Greg were on their way!

Our New Yorkers had left the big city around dinner time. They came rolling in at 3:45 AM! I couldn't sleep I was so excited to see my eldest baby and her sweet hubby.

Abbey got up at her usual time. Needless to say, Beth was getting some well deserved rest. (Although, Greg had to get up and work a little bit. No rest for the weary.) Every five minutes I'd hear, in stereo, "When is Beth getting up? Can I go wake up Beth? I'm going to check to see if Beth is up?"

Finally Beth did get up and they had a sweet reunion.

One more had to arrive, and he showed up shortly after Beth woke up.

Once Anna got off of work, the WHOLE gang was here! It was gloriously loud and chaotic. I loved every minute of it!

We had a pre-Thanksgiving feast.
 John and I were besides ourselves with joy to have all of our kiddos under one roof!

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