Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving with Al Borland

For Thanksgiving Day,  we went to my Mom and Dad's house, which is our usual Thanksgiving tradition. This year, Anna and Jamie went to his family. I certainly missed them, but I know that I have to share, and I'll get them on Christmas. 

We did have a special guest this year

Al Borland. (The guy who starred on Home Improvement with Tim Allen. Actually he was the character in the show, I don't know the actor's name.)

John took this of himself
Nah! Not really, it's just John, Jr with a beard. When Beth first saw him, she said, "Hello, Al Borland!" The name stuck and he was called Al all during the holiday. I really don't like beards, but like their Dad, both of my boys think they are wonderful. (Daniel was also sporting facial hair).

See the resemblance?

 Hmmm, maybe if John gained about 50 lbs and wore a flannel shirt?

We did all the usual Thanksgiving traditions...ate too much and enjoyed catching up with my brother and his family. An after dinner horse tournament was also a must.

Abbey was Beth's shadow the whole time she was home.

I don't have many pictures. I really didn't get a chance to go around and take any. John, Jr., aka Al, took all of these for me.

It was a nice, quiet Thanksgiving. We all got to focus on the things in life that really matter.

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