Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Eve-Santa's Elves were busy

Christmas Eve was a construction day at our house. Abbey and Elijah got a trampoline for Christmas. We decided to go ahead and show them on Christmas Eve, so it could be put together and they could enjoy it on Christmas Day.

When saw it for the first time.

Santa had two strapping elves help with the construction. They started mid-morning.

They worked all day, took a break to go to the Christmas Eve service at church and then set up a spot light to continue working after dark.

 No matter whether it was dark or not, Abbey and Elijah got to try it out.

Then we carried on with our Christmas Eve traditions.

A walk around the neighborhood to see the luminaries.

Caroling and Bible reading, followed by family presents.

Then Christmas junk food pig out time.

Abbey and I suffered from ultra testosterone exposure, and would have loved to had our two girls present, but we really did have fun with the boys! John absolutely had a blast working with his big boys!

Later that evening, after watching a gory, boy-flick, the guys had one more thing to put together. A parking garage/race track for Elijah.

As I went to bed, John and Daniel were playing with Elijah's new track. They said they had to check it out thoroughly to make sure it worked. (Hmmmm, ok, if you say so??)

The big day was about here and the "D" household was ready!

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