Thursday, January 31, 2013

Finally, a place of his own

My husband is the most diligent, conscientious employee I've ever known. He has had the same job (with a couple of different companies), for the past 27 years. I appreciate and admire his dedication, but sometimes that dedication to work and my dedication to providing a fun environment for our kids, clashes.

I do recognize that without his work ethic, I wouldn't be able to be home and with the kids. I know that he's successful because of his placing his work as a priority. But, when our home has had to double as an office, there have been problems. Not many construction equipment offices have children playing, singing, arguing, laughing etc. in the background.

Things got a little easier when we moved to this house. At least we have a bonus room where he can sequester himself to work and use the phone. At the other house, he was in the dining room without any doors. Our older kids still remember trying to be quiet. Anna even says she was worried that Dad would loose his job if whoever was calling him found out that kids were there.

Now he has a place of his own! After 27 years, he has a real office. He invited us over to check out his new digs. We ate lunch and he gave us an official tour.

It's been a few weeks of not having him work at home. He's able to get so much more work done, and they kids are free to roam and be loud.

That's great, but you know what???  Even after all the complaining I did, I really miss having him around the house!

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