Monday, January 28, 2013

The Grandaddy of all woodworkers...

I never realized how high trampolines are off of the ground, but on Christmas morning, it was evident we needed some steps to help the kids get on and off of the trampoline.

I mentioned the need when I saw my Dad on Christmas day. He did his usual hem and hawing about getting to it someday, stating that he needed to recuperate from all the wooden gifts he made for Christmas. Everyone in our family always gets some type of wooden object made by Dad. This year it was owl trivets. It's always a treat to see what he's created for us each year. He's quite talented, if I do say so. But, whenever I ask for something, such as a dresser, shelves or the aforementioned stairs, he poo-poos it and says he's not sure if he can do it. Then, poof! Very quickly, whatever I ask for is done and done very well.

My Mom came to go see Les Miserables with Beth, Anna and me. When Mom and Dad got here, I mentioned that Daddy could go to the movie with us, if he wanted. I was then informed that he was prepared to build the stairs right then and there, only three days after I'd asked him!

By the time the sun went down that day, my kids had a way to get up and down and a place within the steps to put their shoes.

My Dad's pretty amazing! I'm so very grateful for him!


  1. Sounds just like my Dad. The trampoline looks fun!

  2. There's not much Granddaddy wouldn't do for his little ones is there? What a blessing to have an amazing woodworker in the family!