Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy New Year!

Chinese New Year, that is! Officially it was February 10th this year, but our local Chinese/American support group celebrated the beginning of the year of the snake, with a big to-do on Jan. 27th. 

Earlier in the week,  my good friend, Jody, and her three Chinese girls invited some of us over to their house to celebrate the New Year.

We made dumplings, or jiao zi, a traditional New Year food.

The kids made dragon kites.

and had a wonderful time hanging out with their friends.

Abbey also had a special treat this year. She got to perform a traditional Chinese dance at the large celebration. She had been begging to take Chinese dance, so she was ecstatic to have the opportunity. She relished every Saturday when they practiced.

She anxiously waited for her turn to be on stage. And when the big day finally came...

She was so ready to perform!

She knew all her moves, and never lost her smile while performing. When it was over, she stayed behind for a few moments to bask in her applause!  

Grandma was in town for Anna's baby shower and got to see Abbey dance.

Nana and Grandaddy were planning on coming, but we had a little winter storm that prevented them from making the drive.

At the festival, Abbey and Elijah got to try their hands at other skills.

Using chopsticks
Drawing pictures 

and see lots of interesting performances.

We got together with a lot of friends.

and did some impromptu dancing...

Xin Nian Kuai Le

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