Sunday, February 24, 2013

Meeting Layne

Once John and I had seen Anna, Jamie and Layne, we left and went home to get a little sleep. After a shower and 4 hours of sleep, we went back to the hospital, along with my Mom and Dad.

Because we were smack dab in the middle of flu season, the hospital had strict visitation rules. Only two people plus the father were allowed to visit at a time, and no one under 18 could come into the rooms.

After a little sleep, I felt much better.

Then it was Great-Nana and Great Grand-daddy's turn.

Poor Abbey and Elijah were just dying to meet little Miss Layne, but they had to wait until she left the hospital. We went over to Anna and Jamie's as soon as we could.

They both were so excited to finally hold the long awaited baby!

It took a little while for the rest of our crew to meet their niece. Beth flew in on Sunday, (2/18). She
came to visit with, and help Anna for a few days.

The boys came to town to celebrate my birthday, (more about that later), and got to meet our new bundle of joy.


We all are over the moon in love with this little cutie!


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