Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Valentine's Day-A new tradition?

This year Valentine's Day was a bit unusual. For the past 18 years or so, I've been doing scavenger hunts with the kids, which entail me writing down clues which they solve and follow until they are led to a treasure of candy or small gift. But this year, for the first time, we don't have any proficient readers participating. But, Abbey and Elijah remembered the fun, and were happily expecting to have a rousing scavenger hunt this year, as in years past.

Thanks to the internet, Mom was able to get more creative and provide my little scavengers with a hunt. I found simple pictures of things in the house and printed them. So, Abbey and Elijah had a grand old time.


This year, John also had a little surprise up his sleeve. Most years he gives me flowers, and this year wasn't different in this respect.

But, instead of the usual love note, he sat me down after the kids were in bed and played guitar and sang to me! He sang, "Longer" by Dan Fogelberg. Oh, how very sweet and romantic! I loved it! 

So, maybe 2013 is the year to begin a new tradition?? 


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