Wednesday, April 24, 2013

2013 CAA Swim and Diving Champions

At the end of February, John, the little ones and I traveled to Virginia to watch Daniel compete with UNCW for the CAA championship in Men's swimming and diving. The Men's team won the title for the 12th straight year.

It was a long weekend. The swimming started on Wednesday and finished on Saturday evening. Daniel got personal best times for all his swims and scored in one event. The competition was pretty stiff!

It was a lot of fun for me and John to be a part of the celebration at the end of the meet.

The whole team

The Freshmen

What could have been grueling for Abbey and Elijah turned into a wonderful, fun filled vacation, thanks to the generosity of friends of ours. Charlie and Lisa moved to Virginia a couple of years ago from Raleigh. They graciously offered to house us the whole time, and as if that wasn't enough, they insisted on keeping Abbey and Elijah during most of the swimming. (Each swimmer's family could only purchase 2 tickets.) Charlie and Lisa and their kids were lifesavers.

Abbey and Elijah were treated to many special activities. They got to tour the Sheriff's office, where Lisa works,

 and Charlie took them to the Marine's Museum. Their daughter took the little ones on many trips to the park and had several special crafts to occupy their time. They had an absolute blast!

We are so very grateful to the L. family for opening up their home and hearts to us!!

Thanks to fast swimming and good friends, it was a great long weekend.

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