Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Daniel's spring break

After the conference championship meet, Daniel came home for spring break. We got to have him home for a whole week. We haven't  had him home for that long since he started college. He did a lot of sleeping, visiting his high school, playing frisbee golf and visited with old friends. He also made time for some fun Abbey and Elijah time, what a great big brother!

You would think he'd be sick and tired of pools, but when Abbey told him she wanted to go to the indoor pool, he readily agreed that he would swim with them. She and Elijah had wanted to go for quite some time, but indoor pools in the winter time just aren't on my ok to do list. I don't like to be cold, and being cold while also being wet, is definitely out of the question! Super big brother to the rescue!  

They really enjoyed themselves.

They both got to practice their swimming.

a highlight was the waterside

they had some fun play time

and enjoyed having their big brother at home!

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