Friday, May 3, 2013

My Dad turns 75~March 24

My dad celebrated a whopping birthday in March. The big 75!  We wanted to do something to surprise him, so John, Anna, Layne, Abbey, Elijah and I surprised him with a visit, complete with one of his favorite meals and a cake.

At first he wondered what was wrong, when he saw us.

Then he realized nothing was wrong he was pleased.

He and Mom got some one on one time with their first great grandchild, Layne.

And two of their grandchildren made themselves at home.

I experimented with the cake.

He was able to still blow out all of the candles.

I've said it here before, but it doesn't hurt to reiterate....My Dad is one of a kind! He's extremely creative and can do anything with his hands. These past few years he's taken up woodworking and is extremely talented. While growing up, I knew he would move heaven and earth for me, if I needed him to!  He's still there for me whenever I need him, and I'm so very blessed to be his daughter.
I have some special memories of growing up with my Dad. When I  needed an outfit for a special occasion, I always wanted to take my Dad with me shopping. I think it was because he would listen to whether I liked the dress or outfit, and then give his opinion. But, he always went with my opinion, never trying to persuade me to his. As a teenager, I had really long hair. My dad was the only person I'd trust to trim the ends. Again, I trusted him because I knew he would only cut the amount I specified.

He and I are a like in several ways, a fact that often drives my Mom crazy. Sometimes we'll have the same thought and gang up against my Mom's suggestions. I've gotten a lot of my frugality from my Dad.  By watching him, I try to listen more and talk less. I've learned many, many life lessons from my Daddy!

 I love him ever so much and am incredibly grateful that my Dad is here with us!

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