Monday, May 13, 2013

Elijah's birthday party

Elijah's birthday is in February, but his party wasn't held until March. We had to postpone it due to swim meets and other activities of our family and the families of the friends he wanted to invite. When the day finally came, he was one excited little fellow.

The party was centered around a race car theme. We started things off by decorating wooden cars.

Elijah and Corrie share drawing responsibilities

Then we had some games outside:

race with a car costume on
 red light, green light

Once back inside we had some treats that inspired play as well as consumption.

I made the cake and cupcakes

Nana and Grandaddy got to visit with Layne, when Anna dropped by after the party.

Never minding he had to wait quite a while for it, Elijah had a great time at his birthday party. Better late than never!


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