Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Backtracking~Anna's Birthday

On April 2, Anna turned 22. She asked for a fruit pizza for her cake.

She got lots of birthday love from Elijah. (He's had a bit of a hard time sharing Anna with Layne.)

Abbey gave her a card, and

a mosaic that she had made.

Not to be out done, Elijah ran up to his room and emerged with a gift bag. I had no clue what was inside it.

Anna was quite surprised to find part of an earring that broke a long time ago. I've no idea where Elijah found the earring, but I guess he thought Anna would appreciate being reunited with her old earring! And she was.

For her birthday present from me and John, Anna asked that she and I go to a musical. We share a love of the theater. Both of us thoroughly enjoy seeing broadway shows. We've been to several together. We chose to go to see

It was a fun show, starring Clay Aiken. It was great to be with my "theater buddy".

This year has brought one of life's biggest changes to Anna, she became a Mommy. She's handled the transition very well. I'm so proud of her. She gives her all for her little girl. I knew early on Anna would be a great mom. She's been babysitting since she was 9 years old. She's always been great with kids.

Anna's continuing her cosmetology business on a part time basis. She went to a new salon and basically works for herself. She loves doing hair for special needs kids and adults. Her husband is gone most week days, only coming home home on weekends, so she's a single mom a good part of the time. She joins us for dinner several times during the week. Of course, we cherish these chances to watch Layne grow and be with Anna. I'm so very grateful to have her close by. It's a special blessing to get to see her several times a week. I love helping out with the baby, as well as having Anna available to help out with my babies, when I need a babysitter. We have times to talk that we haven't had before. I enjoy hearing her perspective on things. The other day, she gave me one of the best gifts a Mom can have; the gift of regretting how they behaved as a teenager.  We were talking about kids and she shared how much she loves Layne. She also told me, "I don't know how you did it. Having teenagers must stink. If Layne says the things to me that I said to you, I'd cry and be devastated."  Yup! It's all about perspective.  Things look so differently when you grow up a little!

I love you Anna and am so proud of you! Hopefully, I'll be a shoulder for you to cry on when Layne is a teenager!


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