Thursday, May 30, 2013

A great birthday present for Daniel!!

Praise God!! I truly believe that He has given us a miracle.  UNCW's chancellor announced at a press conference today that they administration would not be cutting any sports!! This is a huge victory, a huge answer to prayer. I spoke of the possible cut in this post.

The response from the swimming and non-swimming world has been phenomenal.  There was a petition to save the sport which has collected almost 15,000 signatures. There has been media attention. Daniel got an article published in our regional newspaper. You can read it HERE.  

At the press conference, the chancellor said he had not made his decision until last night! Last night, John, Daniel and I prayed and asked God to intervene. We prayed that God would speak to the chancellor and have him change the course,  AND HE DID!

Daniel and one of his swimming buddies/roommates went to Wilmington at 6am this morning to be there for the announcement. Today is his birthday, so this is a wonderful birthday present for my boy. I was exceptionally proud of his attitude throughout the whole stress filled time.  While worried and losing sleep, he never was bitter. He told me that he had told God that he would give up swimming if God had allowed the closure and opened no other doors.  While acknowledging the possibility of losing his dream, he also remained positive and hopeful. He handled it better than I did, in some instances. This 'ole Mama Bear was ready to claw some eyeballs out!!

I know there was a lot of work by a lot of people to fight for this program, but in the end, I totally know that this was the hand of God. The committee that made this recommendation was appointed by the chancellor. It wouldn't be customary for someone who had hand appointed a committee to go against their recommendation. I believe that indeed last night while we prayed that God would speak to the chancellor, He did! And for that, I'm so thankful to the Lord!!


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