Monday, April 8, 2013

A New Experience

This post is backtracking all the way to January. A friend told me about our local ice-skating rink's great prices every Tuesday. Abbey had wanted to try ice-skating, so we were game for a new adventure. The rink provided big paint buckets to the kids,(and any adult brave enough to use them), to help steady them on the skates. They worked great.

If you've read this blog much at all, then you can guess how my kids reacted to ice-skating--one loved it and used the bucket for a little while and then went on her own. The other wasn't so sure that he wanted to even get on the ice at first.

That's my girl! She told the guy who checked us in that she was going to, "twirl around like they do in the Olympics!"

She started with the buckets.

Then got braver....

and braver....

and after a few setbacks, 

 she was zipping around waaay too fast!

Now my wonderfully cautious little boy....

spent a good deal of time skating with a bucket and a helper.

He did break bad and let her walk a ways away from him, eventually,

and then he got really daring and stood with no hands on the buckets and no helper around!

Wonderfully unique, both of them!

As for me, I really can't give Elijah too hard of a time, because I stayed with my feet flat on the non-icy surface. The only danger of slipping for me would have been if someone spilled their Coke on the floor. Well, someone had to be the photographer, didn't they?? That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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