Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Once a tree....

now a stage!

Some explanation:

For the past 15 years or so, every weekend you could find my husband bent over picking up Magnolia leaves. He wouldn't stop until n'ere leaf was left on the ground. Make that times two, as we had two giant Magnolia trees. Beautiful trees, but trees that shed big leaves steadily from April to November. He complained and complained about these trees. He wasn't alone in his disdain for the trees. We even once had a neighbor who would scoop up wayward leaves that fell in her yard and throw them into our yard.  He threatened to cut them down, and I would protest. They were gorgeous and their flowers smelled heavenly. I would take them and put them in the house, letting the lovely fragrance waft over the house. I told him to leave the leaves under the tree, he refused.

This year, when the other houses in our neighborhood were sporting lush green lawns, our yard sort of resembled the lunar landscape, despite the money we'd spent trying to get grass. Not too much green on the ground. The magnolias were so huge, they blocked the sun, which was needed to have a lawn. Sooo, I caved in and gave permission to cut the beautiful trees. I rationalized that, while I loved the trees, I loved my husband more, and indeed, a green lawn would be nice.

This picture shows one of the belated trees beside the driveway..

and now...

Abbey and Elijah immediately went out and started performing on the new "stage".

Our yard, now minus the Magnolia trees...

It has been nice not to have to see John, accompanied by words of disgust, bent over meticulously picking up leaves. In the fall, we'll start working on that lawn.


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