Friday, June 28, 2013

It's just a hop, skip and a jump....

From this:
kindergarten picture

To this:

28th birthday

Beth flew home for a visit and to celebrate her birthday. It was so great to see her and our little in utero granddaughter, who was just starting to make her appearance with a cute little baby bump. 

As usual, Bethy ordered NC barbecue and we had a mini feast to celebrate my oldest's birthday.

I made the cake to celebrate.

We all loved having Beth here, but we missed Greg and Bella, who were back in NY holding down the fort.

Elijah got some quality snuggle time.

Beth and Anna have grown extremely close,  partially due to the bonds of motherhood.

And, of course, I absolutely loved having her here!

It was her birthday, but we were the ones who were given the gift of her presence! I so treasure the times I get to see Beth. It's hard to have her in NY and going months without seeing her. That precious little one she's carrying is going to make it that much harder to be so far apart.  The visits pass by way too quickly for my liking. It's still not any easier to drop her off at the airport, it breaks my heart every time!

I love you, Barbara E! My baby you'll always be!


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  1. So happy that you got to celebrate with her...even though she lives so far away! And wow do you two look alike!