Thursday, June 27, 2013

Me and my twin for a day

While digging in my upstairs hall closet a few weeks ago, I discovered a dress that Anna wore when she was little. I had a matching one. I showed it to Abbey and she was thrilled at the prospect of us wearing matching clothes. We wore them to church the other Sunday.

Pretty snazzy pose by Miss Priss

It's so much fun to walk through the stage where she thinks it's neat to dress like her Mom. I'm very much cognizant that the time is coming when she is going to believe it's not cool at all to look anything  remotely like your Mom, or even to be within a few feet of your Mom when in public.

But for now, I'll bask in her unbridled love and affection. I know deep down it will always be there, even when it's not apparent.

And I'll be able to look back to this day, and say, "I remember when!"


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  1. To say that my girls were a smidge church even...would be an understatement. Now I find myself searching for something matchy for my gals and I to wear.
    Such special memories. :)