Monday, June 3, 2013

Great lengths for a ping-pong ball

Early this year, Abbey, Elijah and I went with our homeschool group on a field trip to the Morehead Planetarium. We saw three shows about space. (big surprise, I know).  The shows were well done and kept all of the kids' attention. Afterward they announced that outside of the facility the staff of the planetarium were doing an experiment. It was "experi-minute".  All throughout the state, museums were doing scientific experiments at the same exact time. The planetarium's experiment involved dry ice and an explosion resulting in a projectile of several thousand ping-pong balls.

As soon as we got outside the building, the wind began to blow as the sky began to darken. You could tell the sky was about to fall. The guy demonstrated and talked about what he was going to do.

Abbey watched intently. Elijah, anticipating a loud noise, was secure in my arms.

The wind continued to pick up and it started to sprinkle. Finally they combined the chemicals and

boom! It was raining ping-pong balls.

Right at that moment, it not only rained ping-pong balls, the sky opened and the rain poured down. Not anywhere near a sprinkle, but a gully-washing downpour.

I grabbed Elijah and took off for shelter, figuring that Abbey would follow me. When I got under the porch of the planetarium, I looked behind me, and there was no Abbey. There were about 100 folks gathered on the porch and I didn't see Abbey anywhere. I began to panic, as a Mom does when she's in the middle of a bunch of humanity and can't find one of her little humans anywhere.  One of the Moms in our group noticed my panic. She told me that she saw Abbey down the steps. She yelled for Abbey and my wayward girl made her way to me. She had to walk a bit slow, because her shirt was folded up to make a basket. Inside this makeshift basket was about 30 ping-pong balls! The rain had not fazed her at all, she was all about getting some ping-pong balls. She was soaking wet, from head to toe, but she had her prizes, safe in the confines of her wet shirt!

Such typical Abbey. She knows what she wants and will go for it, no matter if the sky is falling all around her!

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