Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Close encounters of the scary kind....

Hmm, spring weather, nothing can beat it! I adore the warm, but not too hot, sun, the budding trees and flowers which invite me to stop and admire.

We ventured out to enjoy a lovely spring day with a few friends, a few weeks ago. We went to a nearby park and the kids had a great time playing at the "Castle park". This park has a beautiful lake with an elevated walkway winding over it. The kids made their way down to the lake. They were greatly enjoying the life within the pond. They were scooping tadpoles and other tiny water creatures up and placing them in a bucket. Even Elijah was enjoying himself.

Abbey, of course, inched her way closer and closer to the water.

I was thoroughly enjoying chatting with the other kids' mom, Jody. When Abbey, very calmly but loudly, exclaims, "Wow! There's a snake!" I immediately tell her to back away from the area and I go to investigate. Sure enough, this is what I see.

Abbey wasn't the least bit afraid,(big shock, huh?), but she did obey and back away. I couldn't tell if this bugger was poisonous or not. Needless to say, we all vacated the water and decided it was time to leave.


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